Slide GÖTH GmbH Forensic Testing Laboratory GÖTH GmbH Forensic Testing Laboratory is an independent consultancy, operating internationally as experts in the fields of mechanical and electronic security devices and forensic evidence on property, premises and vehicles. Ludwig-Erhard-Straße 15
D-56727 Mayen
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GÖTH GmbH Forensic Testing Laboratory

We provide forensic analysis and evaluation of evidence as part of an investigation, concentrating on mechanical and electronic security devices.

We are a quality service provider with fully trained staff backed up with the latest technical equipment and resources.

As a forensic consultancy offering specialist analysis and evaluation of evidence, GÖTH GmbH Forensic Testing Laboratory is an important point of contact for insurance companies, courts of law and investigating authorities as well as private citizens.


GÖTH GmbH Forensic Testing Laboratory provides highly qualified and authoritative technical support during damage assessment and claims processing.

Within the shortest possible period of time, we provide a comprehensive and detailed forensic report based on the available evidence and taking into consideration each individual case’s special requirements, particularly with particular regard to potential future legal action.

Why we are the right choice



Decades of experience and accumulated knowledge associated with the forensic examination of evidence, together with an ongoing professional training program, allow us to carry out contracts to the highest of international investigative standards.



We ensure clarification of facts within the shortest possible time with the full satisfaction of our clients.

With us, you do not have to wait long for examination or evaluation. Every customer is an important customer for us.



Securing evidence on property and premises as well as vehicles requires in-depth knowledge of offender behaviour patterns and use of tools. This, then, enables us to provide the best possible analysis.



Assignments from insurance companies, investigating authorities and those of any private individual affected are met impartially and to the best of our knowledge. All our operations are carried out in accordance with quality management principles.