In the past few years, we have authored a number of specialist books and articles concerning the gathering and analysis of evidence. Please find details within the respective sections.

Specialist Books

Werkzeugspur – Tool Traces

Practical advice for detecting, securing and analysing forensic evidence, by Manfred Göth, an officially appointed and sworn expert for mechanical security devices and forensic evidence.

Hardback, 324 pages, contains many photos and tables to supplement the text. Published by the author, this book is available from the author and can be ordered online through this website. Cost: € 44,40 incl. VAT plus postage & packaging.

Unfortunately this book is currently out of print. However, extracts from the book
are available from the author.

ISBN 3-00-004285-7 (German language edition)

Die Aufklärung des KFZ-Versicherungsbetruges – Solving Vehicle Insurance Fraud

Foundations of compatibility analysis and plausibility checks.
Publication series “Accident Reconstruction”

This comprehensive book also deals with:
– Legal aspects

Specialist subjects:
– Vehicle Arson
– Simulated Vehicle Theft
– Low Stress Injury to Cervical Vertebrae

ISBN 3-9804383-0-9 (German language edition)

Der Kraftfahrzeugsachverständige in der Praxis – Automotive Expert: A Professional Profile

Description, basic and advanced training, liability, valuation, specialist areas

This paperback contains information about the profession, a job description, the question of liability for expert appraisers and the necessity for and availability of basic and advanced training.
The book deals with subjects such as current issues relating to valuation – technical and mercantile depreciation, operational damage especially in cases of fully comprehensive insurance – as well as reconstruction and accident analysis methods, investigation of break-in evidence, examination of identifiers, computer-aided traffic accident analysis, damage and special reports.

ISBN 3-8169-0782-2 (German language edition)

Impressionstechnik – Impressioning

– Analytical observation
– Technical approach
– Forensic analysis

This hardback book deals with a particular method of forcing locking cylinders without a suitable key.

The appendix shows a forensic analysis of evidence created by this method and how it provided required proof.

ISBN 978-3-00-020781-5 (German language edition)

Betrug in der KFZ-Versicherung – Vehicle Insurance Fraud

German insurers work on the assumption that between 8 and 10 percent of all car insurance damage reports are fraudulent. This results in a loss of more than one billion euros, and frequent legal proceedings.

This book deals with all the relevant subject areas, from an informative introduction to aspects of substantive and procedural law to the technical side of fraud. It also covers the question of fraud protection, illustrates evidence and consideration of evidence using many practical examples, presents the cost of a fraud trial with a comprehensive overview of current legal practice, and explains the key expert report as well as additional technical possibilities concerning electronic assistance systems.

This work is an ideal manual for all involved with the processing and/or legal enforcement of a vehicle damage claim – i.e. insurance claims processors, solicitors, prosecutors and judges.

ISBN 978-3-3-472-07233-1 (German language edition)

Schloss und Schlüssel – Lock and Key

Reprint of the standard work by Heinz Pixhaus, which should be required reading for all forensic scientists and those who are professionally or personally concerned with the technology of locks, keys and security fittings.

ISBN 978-3-00-021874-3 (German language edition)

Collection of Specialist Articles

We regularly publish articles about specialist subjects and interesting facts appertaining to our professional field. All articles (in German) are available here as downloads.

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