This part of our operation is concerned with investigations into the workings and plausibility of general technical processes, with particular attention being paid to possible inconsistencies between investigation results and submission of claims or statements by the parties concerned.

We also examine technical equipment other than locks and security devices, and we can run tests to identify the tools and implements used during an incident. Fracture matching assessments are carried out to establish whether fragments of material fit together.

The huge investigation potential of general technical processes makes it necessary to include detailed documentation with the request for investigation. In some cases this is only possible by prior arrangement. Especially helpful are plans and photographs. An extremely wide range of technical capabilities is required to cope with the multitude of possible processes. We consult outside specialists when in-house expertise is unavailable.

Additionally, our extensive experience of analysing the origination of marks and traces in technical processes is a valuable asset.

Establishing the direction of impact on glass

Wallner line on fracture surface