Electronic Security Devices

In addition to mechanical security devices, high-quality private and commercial premises are often equipped with electronic security systems to further guard against property-related crime.

Therefore, the examination and assessment of security devices in and around such premises will also include any alarm systems and electronic anti-theft devices, the purpose of the examination being to establish if the alarm system was disabled or manipulated prior to the incident, or armed when the incident occurred.

As part of the investigation, functioning and reliability of all electronic security devices are tested and potential weak points are determined. Furthermore, memory data are read, activity reports analyzed and VDS certificates compared with the current status to ensure that potential compensation claims are shown and documented in good time.

The results of these investigations and the course of events confirmed by the available evidence are analyzed. Then, a plausibility check further determines whether or not the damage sustained fits the facts made available by the investigations.

Examinations of alarm and security systems are carried out by K.D. Okorn, an engineer with the Institute for Applied Security Technology ( IfaS – Institut für angewandte Sicherheitstechnik).

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